Ararat Mother's and Children's Health SPA

Ararat Mother's and Children's Health SPA

December 07, 2017

The name of the town is, of course, Jermuk, one of the best resort cities in Armenia. The mild climate, fresh air, mountains with rich forests, alpine meadows and healthy mineral curative water: What else do you need for having a rest? As if nature created all these benefits special for this little city with big opportunities.

Already 34 years the sanatorium of Ararat is considering to be one of the leading resort centers in Jermuk. As they say come to "Ararat", drink "Jermuk" and be healthy. Ararat health was founded in Soviet times and was the 3rd medical department sanatorium, where the workers of industrial enterprise came here for rehabilitative treatment. Till nowadays the sanatorium maintains its traditions, cooperating with leading European health centers, and always offer developed and improved methods of rehabilitative treatment.

The health center offers complete procedures for effective treatment and complete rest. The treatments are the following:

  • Rehabilitative treatment: The most important factor of this center is the experience of the stuff, modern methods of treatment and the latest technologies. These factors provide high efficiency of treatment and those who come here, leave this place completely healthy.
  • Spa procedure: The complete procedure of health rehabilitation is carried out with the mineral water called ”Jermuk” (in English means deer), which has healing properties and is famous through all over the world.
  • Health and immunity strengthening: Just being in Jermuk breathing the healthy air affects to health and immunity strengthening.

The diagnostic center has permanent consultations with therapists, neurologists, oncologists, urologists, surgeons and carries out the following services of the electrocardiogram, clinical and biochemical laboratory examinations, and endoscopic and ultrasound examinations (paid).

Ararat Sanatorium


Ararat Mother's and Children's Health SPA offers the first-class mineral hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, paraffin therapy, inhalation, massage and other cabinets. Three main characteristics of the treatment in the spa are:
1. Application of traditional healing methods on the bases of mineral water,
2. Modern methods with modern pieces of equipment,
3. Professional staff.

The center's spa also offers the following procedures

  • General mineral baths,
  • Four chamber galvanic baths,
  • Underwater shower-massage,
  • Hydrocolonotherapy- intestine lavage, microclyster
  • Apparatus physiotherapy (electro, magneto, Galvano, photo, laser, ultrasound therapies, high-quality currents-darsonvalization, UHF microwaves)
  • Paraffin therapy,
  • Reflexotherapy,
  • Gum’s hydro-massage,
  • Gynecological lavage,
  • Inhalation,
  • Phytotherapy (medicinal tea),
  • Manual therapeutic massage,
  • Kinesitherapy,
  • Oxygen cocktail,
  • Duodenum (bilitary microscopic examination)

Ararat Sanatorium

Ararat Sanatorium offers treatment for the following diseases:

  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases, including
  • Gallbladder and liver chronic diseases, including
  • Diseases of locomotor, including
  • Chronic disease of genitourinary system, including
  • Chronic diseases of endocrine system, including
  • Chronic disease of nervous system, including

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