Jermuk Ashkharh Health Center

Jermuk Ashkharh Health Center

September 14, 2017

Jermuk is the main resort town of Armenia. There are lots of hotels and sanatoriums in the city. Jermuk Ashkarh Sanatorium is one of the best hotels. It was built in 1975. Due to 30 years of working practice and experience, this sanatorium remains one of the best centers among health centers of Jermuk.

The staff members are highly-qualified professionals, so it guarantees the perfect treatment of each person. The hotel includes Discotheque, Table tennis, Billiard, Cinema Hall, Indoor swimming pool, Sauna, Fitness center, SPA and health center, Massage, Beauty Salon, Mini football and Volleyball playgrounds.

The Medical center includes general water baths, four-chamber galvanic bath, hydro-reflex therapy, underwater shower-massaging, hydro-colon therapy, therapeutic physical training and etc. It has also Diagnostic Center which offers electrocardiography, clinical and endoscopic examination services, and ultrasonic and endoscopic examination services. In this sanatorium, you will get both a complete treatment and enjoyable rest. The alpine climate fresh and unpolluted air, the green forests will give you indescribable rest and treatment.

Jermuk-Ashkarh ashkarh pool

The following diseases are being treated in Jermuk Ashkhar sanatorium.

  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • Diseases accompanied by metabolic disturbance
  • Peripheral and central nervous system diseases
  • Urinogenital system diseases
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Posttraumatic neuroses
  • Respiratory system diseases

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