Saint Sarkis Church


icon-map21 Israyelyan St, Republic of Armenia, Yerevan

Being located on the left bank of Hrazdan River stands a beautiful church which was built in Yerevan in 1842.  Once it was huge complex surrounded by high gates and included three churches St Sarkis, St Gevorg and St Hakob, also the buildings of the patriarchal offices and school.

Saint Sarkis Church was the official seat of the Patriarch and the monastery was the patriarchal inn for the guests.  Unfortunately, the two churches were destroyed during 1679 Earthquake, remained only St Sarkis Church but it was rebuilt on the same site during the rule of Edesatsi Nahabet Catholicos (1691–1705). The nowadays building of the church was constructed between 1835-42 and it is the seat of the of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

During Vazgen 1st Catholicos the church was renovated and improved based on a plan by Architect Rafayel Israelian. In 1972 the reconstruction works of the Saint Sarkis began.  Armenian architect Rafael Israyelyan didn't change the design of the church and preserved church style. Only the walls of the church were changed into orange tufa color and engraved with triangular niches. After the death of Rafayel  Israyelian, the construction works continued the co-author, architect Artsrun Galikian. 

In 1970's the architects decided to remove the old dome and the old drum, replacing them by a much higher dome with polyhedral fan-shaped spire. On the eastern part of the church, a gallery was added for the church choir. The construction of the bell tower of the St Sarkis Vicarial Church was completed in 2000. The rebuilding process of Saint Sarkis Cathedral was realized by the donation of Armenian benefactors Sarkis Kurkjian and his sons.

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