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The Armenian nation fought for its freedom and independence through centuries. Together with the men, Armenian women, always took up arms to fight beside their husbands and brothers. Thus, the monument Mother Armenia symbolises the motherland that gains peace through strength and reminds us of the women who struggled for their land and children.

The Mother Armenia Memorial Complex was opened in 1967, in Victory Park. The height of the monument is 52 meters and the statue’s height is 22 meters. Initially, there was Joseph Stalin's monument which was unveiled in 1950 and removed in 1962. After 5 years from its removal, the statue “Mother Armenia” was erected.

The author, the famous architect Rafael Israelyan, designed the pedestal in the style of Armenian three-nave Basilica church. The statue of a woman holds a sword with both hands. Her prototype was a 17-year-old girl Evgenia Muradyan, whom the sculptor Ara Harutyunyan saw in the store and persuaded to pose for the statue.

The Museum of Mother Armenia

A military museum was opened inside the pedestal in 1970. The pedestal is three-storied from the inside. It has two main exhibitions on the first and second floors: “Armenia in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” and “Artsakh Liberation War of 1988-1994”. The third floor is an event hall. 

The first exhibition presents the participation of Armenians in World War II, the activity of 6 Armenian divisions, Armenian Marshals (Hovhannes Baghramian, Hovhannes Isakov, Hamazasp Babajanyan, Armenak Khamperyants) and generals. Here you can see the portraits of Armenian heroes, the list of the names of dead-missing soldiers and other material on the topic. 

The exhibition on the second floor is devoted to the Artsakh Liberation Movement and to the heroes of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh. The diagram of the liberation of Shushi, the first capital of Artsakh, is also displayed here. 

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