Charents Museum of Literature and Arts


Eghishe Charents was an Armenian poet, writer, translator and public activist. He is one of the greatest poets of Armenia who left a great cultural heritage to the Armenia.The museum was founded in 1964 and located in Mashtots Avenue 17. The poet lived in that house from 1935 to 1937. It is also research center studying the poet’s life, literary and cultural activities.

The main exhibition involves the three halls of the Museum. The Memorial Museum holds exhibitions, lectures, concerts, meetings, presentations, and poetry reading. The most interesting part is the apartment where Charents lived. In his room haven’t changed anything, everything is the same order. His daughter told that in his library were nearly 6000 books, But after Eghishe’s death a lot of books were destroyed, survived only 1452.


Working hours

The Museum is open:

From Tuesday to Saturday  10:00-17:00

Sunday                                 10:00-16:00

The Museum is closed on:


National Holidays and Memorial Days

 The entrance is free.


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