Rising Mount Tsarasar

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1-day hiking tour to Tsarasar

During one day we will climb to the highest peak of the Eastern Sevan mountain range -Big Tsarasar Mount (3441 m).

Age16+ Age
3 Person 6 Person 8 Person 10 Person 12 Person
88 tour.USD 65 tour.USD 52 tour.USD 42 tour.USD 38 tour.USD
Included Transport Guide
Not Included Food Water
tour.you_need Comfortable hiking shoes Warm clothes Umbrella Summer hat Sunscreen Flashlight Comfortable clothes Additional clothes Backpack Medicine box Sunglasses Food 2 liters of water
Important The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).
The price is for per-person. It varies depending on the number of participants.

Tour Plan

Metz(Big) Tsarasar is a peak on the border of Gegharkunik and Artsakh, at the junction of East Sevan, Vardenis and Zangezur mountains. From the top, there is a beautiful view, especially on Karvachar.  

The hike will be carried out on a mountain climbing car, which will take us at the feet of the mountain, from there we will continue on foot. The rise depends on the group members' possibilities and will last 3-4 hours. The length is about 12-14 km.

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