The Famous Museums

The Famous Museums

September 06, 2017

If you are in Armenia one thing that you should do is visiting the galleries and museums of Yerevan.

This country has many galleries and museums. Most of them are situated in Yerevan which gives additional beauty to our Pink City. The most important gallery of Armenia is located in the most important square. The National Gallery of Armenia is the largest museum in the Republic. It was founded in 1921. It served as a shelter for the orphans emigrated from Western Armenia.

The National Gallery has collections of Armenian, Russian and European art. Here you can find works of different masters, painters, and sculptors. An important role plays the works of the famous Hovhannes Ayvazovski, which attracts everyone who enters the hall. So for visiting this place an hour is not enough. “Swarovski Crystal Palace”;

The other striking gallery is Cafesjian Center for the Arts. It is located in the center of the Yerevan, near the Cascade complex.This Center shows the contemporary art of Armenia (2002). The founder was a famous Armenian businessman Gerard L. Cafesjian. You can see the samples of the gallery while walking around Cascade

Cafesjian has a wide collection of contemporary art and presents the best of Armenian culture to the world. Here you will see the unique pieces of art. One of the impressive projects is “Swarovski Crystal Palace”; the stunning collection of Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen. So if you want to appear in a magic place, this gallery will give you that opportunity.

The other pride of Yerevan city is the Sergey Parajanov’s Museum (1988). Parajanov Museum is located in the center of Yerevan. This museum has more than 600 of his artworks. Here you will see his collages, photographs, graphics, dolls and 23 screenplays. His works impress everyone with its fantasy, mystery, and artistry. For making sure you can just visit this wonderful museum.

It is not the overall list of the Yerevan’s galleries. For attending most of the museums, you need to have more free time, for enjoying them completely.