Fast food in Armenia. Where to eat easy and tasty

Fast food in Armenia. Where to eat easy and tasty

March 27, 2019

Over the last decade, our eating lifestyle and food choices have changed dramatically. Nowadays, we are all busy, and eating fast food has become a daily habit for the majority of us. But why do we love it? Fast food is very convenient to buy because it is prepared within minutes.

It is extremely simple to make and tastes great. Moreover, it is very affordable. We can buy a burger, hot-dog, or whatever we want and eat them on our way. It saves time and money because fast food is extremely high in calories. That’s why we get full quickly.

Some people, however, pay attention to their bodies and try to avoid eating much fast-food or rely on weight loss calculators. In such a way, they learn how much calories they need to burn in order to have a healthy weight.

Fast food restaurants are located nearly everywhere and there is no need to spend a large amount of time to wait for our order if we are so hungry. By the way, the first fast-food restaurants originated in the USA. Today, the most famous fast-food company is McDonald's which was founded in 1940.

Where to eat Armenian tasty fast food

If you are a tourist who is coming to Armenia for the first time and want to try Armenian street food, you may have concerns about where to have a quick and safe snack. Don't worry! We have good news for you. There are many cafes, restaurant chains, and food courts which offer tasty food at low prices. Let's list the most famous ones! The choice is yours.

1. Tashir Pizza

Tashir Pizza in Armenia

Image CreditsTashir Pizza

It is a fast-food pizzeria restaurant operating numerous spots in the city. In Armenia, the first Tashir Pizza was opened in 2004. Now there are 24 chains in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. The eatery offers not only pizza but also pasta, salad, alcoholic drinks, etc. If you want something cheap and delicious, this is the perfect spot. The place is clean but is always high crowded.

2. Mr. Gyros

 Mr. Gyros in Armenia

Image Credits: Mr. Gyros

Another favorite fast food restaurant in Armenia which has several chains. It offers greek fast food. The most popular dish of this restaurant is “Gyros” which is similar to shawarma or a taco. The prices are affordable. The service is quick and everything is prepared in front of you.

3. Tumanyan Shawarma

Tumanyan Shawarma in Armenia

Image Credits: Tumanyan Shawarma

The first restaurant was opened in 1988. Now, it has five chains. This place is quite popular among shawarma lovers because their shawarmas are really delicious. You won’t regret eating one. By the way, their prices are very affordable. If you are in a hurry, this is an excellent choice for you.

4. KFC

KFC in Armenia

Image Credits: KFC

This is one of the most popular fast-food chains in Armenia. This eatery specializes in fried chicken but it also offers typical American fast food at low prices. The service is fast, and the staff is kind, but if you don't understand Armenian, it's a problem, because the Menu is in Armenian.

5. Karas National Food Chain

Karas National Food Chain in Armenia

Image Credits: Karas National Food Chain

This is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to try both national dishes and fast food in Armenia. It has 11 chains in Armenia. The Menu is quite comprehensive, and one can get fast food for any taste. By the way, Karas has a delivery service.

6. Artashi Mot

Artashi Mot in Armenia

Image Credits: Like a Local

One of the most loved fast food corners which have become popular within a short period of time. It has 2 chains. There you can find delicious fast food made from high-quality meat. The customers especially love their shawarma which tastes great and is very affordable. This is a great choice for both hungry tourists and local people.

7. Ponchikanots( A place with donuts)

Ponchikanots in Armenia

Image Credits: Mission-food

Who doesn't love Ponchikanots? Perhaps, no one. It is located on Mashtots Avenue and is a favorite place for many Armenians. There you can find tasty donuts with vanilla or filled with chocolate. Their hot cacao is great and can be ideally combined with donuts. This is a great place if you visit with your children. The atmosphere is excellent and the interior is very colorful.

8. SAS Food Court

SAS Food Court in Armenia

Image Credits: SAS Food Court

A nice and clean place which offers a great selection of food. The Food court is situated on Arshakunyats Avenue and it is often crowded. So it's hard to find a place to eat there. The prices are quite affordable and you can also watch how the food is prepared. It also includes a supermarket and has a large underground parking. Highly recommended place!

If you are a McDonald's lover, we may disappoint you. There is no McDonald's restaurant in Armenia, but as you see, there is a great choice for any street food lover. Moreover, if you don't have time or want to stay at home, you can order online through It is an on-demand restaurant delivery service that has become very popular in Armenia in recent years.

Place your order, lay down on your sofa, and wait for your food which will be delivered within an hour. Bon Appetit!

Ani Shahbazyan

Published March 27 2019
Article by Ani Shahbazyan

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