Hiking To Proshaberd

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Proshaberd (Boloraberd)

You like to discover new places, yes? Then let’s go!

Age12+ Age
6 Person 10 Person 15 Person
35 tour.USD 32 tour.USD 28 tour.USD
Included Transport Guide
Not Included Food Water
tour.you_need Comfortable Hiking Shoes Comfortable Clothes Spare Clothes Raincoat Backpack Hat/Cap First Aid Kit Sunscreen Sunglasses Flashlight Food 2 liters of water
Important The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).
The price is for per-person. It varies depending on the number of participants.

Tour Plan

During this tour, we’ll walk about 15km. The route is in the direction of Vayots Dzor region.

We’ll arrive Gladzor from where our hike will start. The first stop is the Spitakavor church. One of the most significant figures of the Armenian history - Garegin Nzhdeh is buried here.

Having a rest, we’ll continue our tour to Proshaberd. This was one of the outstanding centers of the Armenian Orbelian Princes.
The pictorial view you’ll experience from the mountains during the campaign is just impossible to describe with words.

We’ll return to Yerevan late in the evening.

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