Tumanyan is located in the Lori Region, 149 km north of the capital Yerevan, and 38 km north of the administrative centre Vanadzor. The city is situated on a plateau on the right bank of the river Debed, at a height of 810 meters above sea level. It has a subtropical climate with hot summers and mildly cold winters. 

History of Tumanyan

The former name of the town was Dzaghidzor, but in 1951 it was renamed in honour of the Great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan. The statue of the poet is located in the town.

Sights of Tumanyan

The most famous sight in the area of the town is Kobayr Monastery. The monastery was built on the edge of a deep gorge by Kyurikid princes in 1171. In the 13th century, the monastery was acquired by the Zakarian dynasty. The tombs of some of the Zakarian dynasty are found in the territory of the church.

There is a bell tower in the middle of the complex which was built in 1279. Due to the peculiarities of the site, the rock was also used in the construction of the monastery. It has often served as a floor, wall, or porch. The ruins of the main church of the monastery contain frescoes of Christ and the twelve apostles and of other Christian figures. The style of frescoes is influenced by the Chalcedonian church.

There are many khachkars (cross-stones) dating back to the 9th, 13th and 14th centuries found in the territory of the monastery. 

Tumanyan is also home to a ruined fortress Avanakar of the 14th century and an ethnographic museum. 

However, apart from the historical and cultural monuments, the city of Tumanyan first of all impresses with its picturesque nature. The wooded mountains, steep cliffs and gorges are simply unforgettable.


Odzun Church

Odzun Church is located in Odzun town, Lori Region. It belongs to domed basilica types of churches.The church of Odzun is one of the early medieval unique buildings that completely preserved the outside look.

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