Martuni city is located in the Gegharkunik Region and considered to be one of the main cities of the region. It is situated in the southwestern part of Lake Sevan, 126km far from Yerevan and 1950m above sea level.

In the northern part is the garden full of platan, willow and fir trees, in the southern part is the mountain chain of Vardenis. The name of the city comes from famous Armenian revolutionary Aleksandr Myasnikyan whose nickname was Martuni.

The city is rich with its historical monuments, and Khachkars (cross-stones). The legend says that in the area of Martuni was a water source and the residents didn’t waste the water. But once a new bride accidentally forgot to close the water tap and until the sunrise the water flowed and became a lake.

In the morning the first woman who saw the lake cursed the bride and she became a stone. That’s how the lake and the little city were created.

Another interesting place to visit is the branch of The National Gallery of Armenia. There are lots of beautiful pictures and the works of the local painters. The most interesting thing in the gallery is a unique Khachqar (cross-stone); which was found in the tree.

The residents claim that this cross-stone has a real power that can make your wishes come true. Here you can visit Saint Astvatsatsin and Vanq churches. Here you can see also the remains of the cyclopean fortress. The Central Square of Martuni is a very beautiful place. So if you want to have a good rest you can come to this city.