The town of Martuni is in the Gegharkunik Region situated on the southern shores of Lake Sevan 1950m above sea level. The distance from Yerevan is 126 km.

Тhe northern part of the town is surrounded by a park full of platan, willow and fir trees, and in the south the mountain chain of Vardenis rises. The name of the town comes from famous Armenian Bolshevik revolutionary Aleksandr Myasnikyan whose pseudonym was Martuni.

The town legend says that there was a water source near Martuni and the locals were very careful and never wasted the water. But once a new bride forgot to close the water tap and until sunrise the water flowed and became a lake (Sevan). In the morning a woman who was the first to see the lake cursed the bride and she became a stone.

The town is rich with historical monuments, and Khachkars (cross-stones). In Martuni you can visit the branch of The National Gallery of Armenia. Many interesting paintings and works of local artists are exhibited here. The most interesting exhibit in the gallery is the unique Khachkar (cross-stone); which was found in a tree trunk. The locals claim that this cross-stone has a real power of making wishes come true. 

There are ruins of medieval castles and the 10th-century castle of Aghjaghala nearby. The town also has two churches (Saint Astvatsatsin and Vanq) and a beautiful town square. Thus, Martuni is a nice place to escape from the city noise and connect with nature.