Charentsavan is located in Kotayk Region and on the bank of Hrazdan River. The previous name of the city was Lusavan but in 1967 the Soviet Union has changed the city’s name and it became Charentsavan (it was named after Armenian great poet Eghishe Charents). It was founded by the Soviet government in 1948 as Lusavan within the Akhta raion (later renamed Hrazdan in 1959) to accommodate the employees of the nearby hydroelectric power plant of Gyumush. With the completion of the power plant in 1953, the town became home to many industrial firms and turned into one of the important industrial centers of the Armenian SSR.

Sights of Charentsavan

This town connects Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions. Right at the entrance of the city, the Curly Boy welcomes the guests. The locals are proud of this memorial-monument; they claim that Marshal Hovhannes Baghramyan himself planted a tree in that Park. The other place to visit is the museum of great Armenian poet Eghishe Charents. The only church in this city is Saint Savior church which is a favorite place for the locals.

Central Park is situated near the church. There are a lot of cafés, restaurants where you can taste the traditional Armenian dishes. The people of this city are peaceful; you will understand it when you take a walk in the streets; everyone greets each other and smiles to the foreigners. It is not difficult to reach there from Yerevan, every day the buses and mini-buses work in two directions. This lovely city is not a place for active rest lovers. The locals are sure their city is a quiet and peaceful place; proper only for family holidays.

Charentsavan has a palace of culture located at the central Karen Demirchyan Square. The town is also home to a public library with an American corner, entirely renovated in 2010 with the financial assistance of the US Embassy in Yerevan. The town has also a school of art named after Jean Carzou.