Travel Tips for Students: 5 tips Every Student Needs to Know

Travel Tips for Students: 5 tips Every Student Needs to Know

July 31, 2020

The best time of life to travel around the world and explore it is when you are a student. While studying in college or university you have more free time than you will ever have in your life. You have your new-found freedom as well. 

Travel around the world and visit the places when you have the time to do so. There are a few things you need to know before traveling. Here are 5 tips every student should know to plan a trip. 

1. Look Out of Discounts

The only thing that makes a student think about traveling is money. Students always have a budget issue and need to plan things accordingly. 

There are students discount available around the globe. So keep in mind the discount factor while planning a trip. You can save a lot of money for your next trip, a bit of shopping, or college expenditures through these discounts. 

Important to remember that a university or college student ID card will not guarantee you a student discount. So make sure you have an International Student Identity Card with you.

2. Pack Light

When traveling for a break on the weekend or a long tour out of the country, make sure you have as little luggage as possible. More luggage means more effort to carry it with you. Extra luggage can cost extra on airports as well. 

Try to keep the necessary things with you only. There are a lot of things you can fit into your handbag. 

3. Book Ahead

Finalize the destination well before traveling. Booking a flight at the last minute is expensive and it can hit your budget badly. So book well ahead of your travel schedule to save few dollars. 

The ideal time to plan and book your trip will be a few months ago as you will be surprised to see how much money you have saved by this. If it is not possible to plan your trip a few months before, make sure you do it two or three weeks before your travel. 

4. Meet the People

Traveling is not about you only but it is also about the interaction between people. The people you meet during travel have an impact on you as well. Connect with as many people as you can, either locals or other travelers. 

The best places to meet with other people are bars and hostels. It is better to spend a bit of time in these places to know people. 

5. Travel with an Open Mind

Travelling brings the opportunity for new and unknown experiences. Staying in a fancy hotel, or spending time indoors can take away this opportunity. 

Better to have an open mind, visit the city around or take a bus to the next city. Observe the local culture by getting out of your comfort zone. Let yourself be one of them to have a great experience. 

5. Daily Devotional

Open Heavens devotional, by Pastor E A Adeboye, is one of the most profound daily devotional you can find anywhere. It has been tested and is trusted. You know, when people are trying to get daily devotional (or even any general religious literature), we advise that they should be very careful before making a choice. This is because, there are some books that contain stuff that is dangerous (talk about doctrines of the devil, talk about things that might make one lose his or her faith in God, etc).

People have always been interacting with the Open Heavens Daily Devotional for years now, and since their lives have never been the same since they started the journey, then it's obvious they will do all it takes to follow Open Heavens for today too.


By following these tips, you can save a lot of money along with having a great time on your trip. Don’t miss time and money-saving tips for your next trip. 

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