4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes While Traveling

4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes While Traveling

September 25, 2020

While you should always be concerned about the health of your eyes, traveling to new destinations can bring along new challenges and irritants for your eyes. You likely already have a long list of all the items you need to bring with you on your upcoming adventure, but you should put aside some time to think of any essentials you’ll need on your trip to keep your eyes comfortable and safe from the moment you depart until you arrive back home. Knowing whether you need to take your prescription safety glasses, your contact lenses, or just a regular pair of sunglasses with you can be confusing. Read to learn four tips on how to best care for your eyes any time you travel.

#1 Always Bring a Pair of Sunglasses

The most important way to take care of your eyes, no matter where you travel to, is to pack a pair of sunglasses. Whether hiking, sightseeing, or building sandcastles with the kids on the beach, you should wear a pair of sunglasses anytime you venture outdoors. Without the proper protection, you are leaving your eyes vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays.

take a pair of sunglasses while traveling

Ensure the lenses offer full UV protection, and always choose glasses that are fit for your needs and the task at hand. When near the ocean or skiing, you may want to opt for a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses. If you need corrective eyewear and you’re in a situation where you’re eyes could potentially get damaged due to the environment or the activity you are performing, tinted prescription safety glasses are likely your best bet.

#2 Avoid Contacts on Long Plane or Car Rides

While you may assume wearing contacts are more convenient for long trips as you await your final destination, it is a better idea to avoid contact lenses as they can cause irritation as temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate. Additionally, the dryness of being in a plane or opting to take a nap mid-flight can make you even more uncomfortable and potentially harm your eyes. Bring along your prescription glasses instead so you can have them on when reading a book or whatever activity you choose to occupy your time. Then, you can easily remove them when you want to sleep without worrying about your contacts drying out.

#3 Pack Some Eye Drops

Even without contact lenses, the dry environment within many airplanes, airports, and hotels can be enough to cause anyone’s eyes to get uncomfortable. Plan ahead and keep your eyes moist no matter the situation by packing some eye drops in your carry-on and applying when needed. If you’re prone to allergies, consider getting a solution designed to keep the eyes lubricated and minimize itchiness if you become exposed to anything in the air that triggers a reaction.

Pack Some Eye Drops while traveling

#4 Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

If you know you have a 12-hour flight ahead of you, make sure to bring eye makeup remover so you can clean your eyes before sleeping. While it may be easier to avoid makeup until you reach your destination, you should always make sure to clean your eyes at night as makeup can easily make its way inside and cause irritation. Similarly, always take time to clean your face throughout the trip, no matter how eventful the day’s adventures were.

Neglecting your eyes while traveling is the last thing you want to do, especially if you are someone who needs corrective lenses to see. By choosing the right eyewear for the journey there and the destination you are arriving at, packing some eye drops in case of unexpected dryness or irritation, and always cleaning your eyes of any makeup are all essential ways to care for your eyes while vacationing. For a new pair of sunglasses or prescription safety glasses to accompany you on your trip, shop Marvel Optics today and know you’ve got your eyes covered.



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