The Armenian Bread

The Armenian Bread

September 11, 2017

The Armenian bread is an inseparable part of Armenian cuisine. We use a lot of bread and eat everything with bread. That’s why you will see a lot of bread on our tables. The Armenians knew how to make bread still 2500 years ago.

The legendary Armenian “Lavash” is the most popular bread throughout the world. It was included on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list. Lavash is baked in the underground tonir. It is tasty especially when you try it from tonir. There are lots of places in Armenia where you can see the baking process. Lavash is also used with the Armenian barbecue and with traditional “Khash”.

There are many types of Armenian bread; the most popular of them is the “Matnakhash” and “Hrazdan”. “Matnakhash” is soft bread shaped into an oval or round loaves.
So if you are sitting next to Armenian, the first thing that they would treat you is the bread.

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