1-Day Tour Around Mount Ara

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Mount Ara

During this day, we will make a scientific and historical tour around Mount Ara. 

Age13+ Age
3 Person 6 Person 8 Person 10 Person 12 Person
30 tour.USD 22 tour.USD 20 tour.USD 18 tour.USD 14 tour.USD
Included Transport Guide
Not Included Food Drinks
Important The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).
The price is for per-person. It varies depending on the number of participants.

Tour Plan

First, we will visit the Eghvard’s Church of St. Astvatsatsin, built-in 1301 for the 1000th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity as the state religion in Armenia.

The next stop is another Church in Eghvard, which, unfortunately, is in a half-ruined state. After that, we will go to Kasakh Gorge to visit Astvatsnkal Church. Next stop will be Kuchak’s St. Astvatsatsin church, then will go to Egipatrush whose beauty will brighten our memories.

At the end of the day, we will visit St. Sarkis Church in Ushi, where is buried the holy relics of St. Sargis.

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