Noyemberyan is located in the north-eastern part of Armenia, in Tavush Region. It's located 2 km west of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, and 9 km south of the Armenia-Georgia border. 

It is 187 km northeast of the capital Yerevan and 54 km north of the administrative centre Ijevan. The city is surrounded by the Voskepar mountains from the south and the mountains of Gugark from the west. The climate is mild and humid.

History of Noyemberyan

The town was previously known as Barana or Parana which, according to the historian Makar Barkhudaryants, is derived from the Armenian word "Aparan" which means palace.

In 1938 the town was renamed Noyemberyan to commemorate the entrance of the Soviet Red Army in Armenia which took place on November 29,1920. In 1971, Noyemberyan got the status of an urban-type settlement.

In 2016, Noyemberyan was enlarged by including rural settlements of Baghanis, Barekamavan, Berdavan, Dovegh, Jujevan, Koti, Voskepar and Voskevan.

The area of the modern city was part of Koghbapor canton of Gugark (the 13th province of Greater Armenia). In the 10th and 12th centuries, it was the part of Tashir-Dzoraget Kingdom. Later, in the 13-14th centuries, the town was ruled by the Zakarids dynasty. Mshkavank Monastery and Surp Sarkis Church were built during this period. 

Sights of Noyemberyan  

This town is situated in a forest area which makes it a beautiful place. There are lots of churches, castles, and ancient cemeteries in the area. The remains of a cyclopean fortress found at the northern edge of the city date back to the 2nd millennium BC. In all, there are three cyclopean fortresses found in the area of

Noyemberyan: "Mraghants Areguni", "Tphi Dash" and " Berdagh". The remains of the 13th-century church of Jukhtakeghtsi are to the south of the town. Another church from the same period, Mshkavank Monastery, is well-preserved.

The church of Surp Sarkis was built in Noyemberyan in 1903 and has been renovated recently. The church of Surp Anna was built in 2011 through the efforts of Sedrak Mamyan; a native of Noyemberyan living in Volgograd.

Noyemberyan has a cultural centre, a public library, an art school and a school of music. It also has a local television "Kamut". 

The town has small plants for canned food, dairy and bakery products. There are also companies manufacturing furniture, plastic products and candles. The nearby Berdavan settlement has Berdavan wine Factory. 

There are many hotels and restaurants in Noyemberyan. You can enjoy your stay in the town, visit historical monuments, discover ancient castles and the secrets of wild nature.