Chambarak is located in eth northeastern part of the Gegharkunik region and considered to be one of the five cities of the area. It is situated 1km far from the eastern border of Armenia and Azerbaijan from the western part borders on Tavush Region.

The city is 125 km away from the capital Yerevan, 90 km from Gavar and at the 1860 m above the sea level. The population if the city is 5800 according to the calculation of 2015. From the city opens a very beautiful and peaceful Chambarak valley.

The previous names of the Krasnaselsk were Mikhaylovka and Red. Mikhaylovka village was founded in 1740-1785 by Russian Molokans from Samara and Saratov. In 1971 the village Krasnaselsk was founded, including Nerkin and Verin Chambarak and got the status of an urban-type of settlement.

The majority of the town's population were Russians (Molokans), Kurds, Mordvins, and Armenians. During 1992-1994 financial crisis the majority of Russian inhabitants moved to Russia.

In the area of nowadays city was founded many historical sites and monuments that had an ancient history. Here are the remains of the churches which was built probably 11th and 15-16th centuries. Besides the churches, there are more than twenty Khachkars (cross-stones) that have the origin of different centuries. There is also the fortress of "Galustakar" located on the right bank of Getik River and dates back to the 2nd-1st millennium BC. Near the Verin Chambarak, there was found an old cemetery which probably dates back to the 11-18 centuries. In front of the school, there is a monument in honor of the victims of the World War 2nd which was built in 1970.

The locals are involved in cattle-breeding, grain, potato, and vegetable cultivating. Chambarak has four schools, also art and music schools.