Nor Hachn

Nor Hachn

Nor Hachn is one of the cities in the Kotayk Region of Armenia which was founded in 1953.  The city is located on the right bank of Hrazdan River, to the west of the Arzni canyon, close to the Arzni-Shamiram canal. It has an average height of 1,920 m above sea level.

Mount Hatis is located 12 km east of Nor Hachn, while the Mount of Ara is 13 km northwest of the town. Nor Hachn borders on the village of Arzni and the town of Byureghavan on the east.  Nor Hachn has a population of 8400. The climate is continental with hot summers and extremely cold winters.

The town's name means New Hacin, in հonour of Hacin city which was situated in Cilicia (nowadays in Turkey's territory). It was famous for its resistance (1920) against Turkish army by the group of fedayins.

On April 1, 1920, Turkish army attacked the town, because of the military resistance and the Turks occupied the entire city. The Armenians were massacred and killed, and only 365 people survived and escaped from Hacin.

Arzni Hydro Power Plant which was planned to launch in 1956. But there was a problem where to accommodate the workers. And, for that reason, in 1953 a small settlement was founded near Arzni village. The settlement became popularly known as "Silovoy" (Russian word which means the power generator plant). In the 1960s,  it was named Nor Hachn.

The most popular place in Nor Hachn city is the Saint Savior Church. The House of Culture of Nor Hachn was built in 1971. This city has also the school of arts and central library.