Armavir is the administrative centre of the Armavir region. It is located in the Ararat valley and borders on Turkey. The town was also known as Sardarapat or Hoktemberyan. It is considered to be one of the youngest cities in Armenia. The popular factories of Armenian Wine and Brandy are located here. 

The first thing to do in Armavir is to visit the memorial complex of Sardarapat; dedicated to the heroic battle of 1918 against Turks. Then, you can take a walk in the central park of the city where a beautiful church named after Saint Grigor Narekaci is situated. 

Here you can also visit the Zoological/Botanical Garden of Armavir. There are lots of cafés, restaurants, and pubs as well, where you can enjoy yourself and try traditional Armenian food.  

The area of the present-day city of Armavir is surrounded by ruins of many historical settlements, particularly the ruins of Metsamor Castle, the ancient cities of Armavir, Argishtikhinili, and others. 

Thus the present-day Armavir is a small town with a rich historical past. There is a House of Culture in Armavir known as “Red Club”, which hosts the School of Music and Arts and the Dramatic Theatre of Armavir.