The weirdest facts about Armenians

The weirdest facts about Armenians

September 07, 2017

Living in the 21st century, Armenians still keep traditions that are acceptable only for them. Foreigners usually don’t understand them or even think that they are weird people.

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The first thing that will surprise you is that Armenian young people live with their parents. The parents take care of their children no matter how old their children can be. They do not live apart from their relatives. Mostly, newly married couples also live with the parents of the groom. It is an accepted thing in Armenia, though it may seem odd.

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The other weird thing you will notice when you will appear in public transport. Though Armenia has problems with transportation, people found a way to help each other. If you meet a person who offers his place to you or just suggests to hold your heavy bag, don’t be afraid he just wants to help you.

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The other thing that you should be informed about is that friends pay for each other, or if you are Armenian and you have seen one of your friends you should pay instead of him. If you are sitting at the café or at the restaurant with your Armenian friends (especially with the boys) they won’t let you pay the bill or even your part. If you do so the boys will be offended. The Armenian boys pay the bills always, maybe it’s weird but it’s a tradition.

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You probably noticed the drinking fountains everywhere around Yerevan city. They are the symbol of Yerevan. So in hot weather, you don’t need to carry the bottle of water with you, instead of it, you can freely drink water in every part of Yerevan.

The water of the fountains is fresh and cold. Every drinking fountain has its own meaning. So if you see the names on the fountains, know that someone dedicated that fountain to a special person (mostly a dead people). So you have already known some weird facts about the people of the sunny city, come and discover yourself in this little but big country.

The Weirdest Facts about Armenians №5

Armenians eat a lot of bread. We don't sit at the table without bread and we never forget to buy bread. Lavash and matnakash are important components on our tables. Foreigners don't understand this. “How can you eat so much bread? - they use to say." “How can you live without eating it? - we reply." So do not be surprised and eat to your health.