The Strongest Armenians

The Strongest Armenians

September 06, 2017

Unfortunately, a lot of people haven't known anything about Armenia and even the place of it, but due to these famous Armenians, the attention of the whole world turned to this little country. Though Armenia does not have high-developed sport, these people are the best representatives of Armenian sport.

The one and only pride of Armenia is Henrik Mkhitaryan, everyone loves this young man. He is the captain of the Armenian National football team and plays for Manchester United club. In spite of his young age, he already managed to have a great reputation among sports amateurs and football fans. Now, Mkhitaryan is considered to be one the successful players of Manchester United.

The other pride of our country is Arthur Aleksanyan. Being only 26 years old, he already has the title of the world champion. This strong and powerful Armenian showed the world that we are a strong nation, by winning wrestling Championship of Olympic games. That day was a real celebration for all Armenians in the world. By winning that competition he became the first Armenian Olympic Champion of the 21st century.

The next powerful in its real meaning is the Armenian professional boxer Arthur Abraham. A three-time former world champion Arthur Abraham is the favorite boxer of the Armenians. In 2009 he has recognized the world’s 14th best boxer.

Behind every great Armenian man is an even greater Armenian woman. The gold medal winner at the World Weightlifting Championship and the first woman weightlifter from Independent Armenia is Nazik Avdalyan. She showed everyone that champions are not always the men. In 2009 Nazik won a gold medal and did a record. Unfortunately, in 2010 Avdalyan got in a car crash. After seven years, she came back and again, won a gold medal (2016) at the European Weightlifting Championship. That’s how Armenian champions come back.