Transport in Armenia

There are some official taxi apps such as GG taxi, Yandex taxi, Utaxi which operate in Armenia. You can download the apps after arriving by using the free wifi of the airport.  They have cheap prices and comfortable service. The drivers know cities enough well. You can also use other taxies from other services but these apps are analyzed and seasoned.

Means of transportation

  • Citizens who live in the capital use public transports which have cheap prices. I am talking about transports such as buses or microbuses ( price for one person is 100 AMD-0.18 EU / 0.21 USD .You have to pay it when you’re getting off the transport). On the frontal glass of the transport you can find written names of the stations, but unfortunately, they are written only in Armenian so if you don’t know the language ask young locals and they will help you. 
  • Besides buses and microbuses, we also use Metro station the price is the same 100 AMD. But there’s a little nuance. After finding and getting one of our Metro stations you have to change your money to a coin (in Armenian gheton) which would allow you to come into the train. Here every station is voiced in two languages Armenian/English so you won’t get any problem with orientation.
  • Trolleybuses also function in the city center price is again 50 AMD.
Transport in Armenia