Food & Drink

If you are hungry after a long day of walking around our city’s streets and don’t want to get out from your hotel room, just download the app of MENU.AM, and enjoy your evening. Here you can find food for every taste, ( here are included menus from the best Armenian cafes and restaurants you can choose anything and they will deliver it in short time or if you want to cook on your own you can choose products from the same app find SAS supermarket).

While walking in the city center and becoming hungry you can visit every café, restaurant or the nearest food spots ( trust me each one gives good and tasty food). But if you’re asking my opinion… for trying the best street food visit Tumanyan’s shaurma, Karas, Yerevan pandok, Mr. Gyros, Yerevan shaurma.

If you’re a lover of Italian food, especially pizza, find the nearest Tashir pizza and enjoy yourself there. But if you are so hungry that you agree to eat anything which is given with nice price and service, find Art Lunch cafeteria. All presented ones have mid prices for our county and have very kind service.

If you’re on a date or just an esthete who want to spend nice and high qualified evening visit places such as Lavash, Mamoor, Brioche, La Piazza, Tsirani, BlackBerry, Segafredo, Avenue by Fo (this is located in Garni not too far from Yerevan) etc.  But if you want to listen to a good music while enjoying your evening visit Yan's music hall, 12 café club, Monarch restaurant here you’ll find the best live music in the town. 

In the case of an anti-café lover, we have places of fun and entertainment such as Loft, Aeon or Game pub.

Food & Drink