Hiking and camping in Armenia


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Hiker friends, welcome to Armenia, country of ancient civilization and picturesque nature and the taste of freedom. Are you ready for adventure? Come with your camping equipment, to rest in the arms of nature? This specially adapted tour is for you! Explore the Armenian trails, through valleys and canyons, surrounded by monasteries and fortresses, reveal the wilderness, enjoy many opportunities of camping in places where one will find the perfect harmony with nature and himself. This is an invitation from Aratours!
Day 1 Yerevan – Khor Virap Monastery – Amaghu - Monastery of Noravank – Artabuynk – Monastery of Tsakhats Kar – Fortress of Smbataberd – Yeghegis(Hiking 11,5 km, 7 hours of walking)The day will start with a greeting from your guide in Yerevan before heading south. The first stop of a visit will be the Monastery of Khor Virap, the symbol of Christian Armenia, which overlooks the Biblical Mount Ararat. You will later be taken to the canyon of Amaghu, where you will begin your first hike to the Noravank Medieval Monastery through a red-cliffed Canyon reminiscent of the American West. The next stop will be Artabuynk village from where you will start your hike to Tsakhats Kar Monastery before descending to Smbataberd Fortress. The tent will be set up in a place agreed between the guide and the hiker.Day 2 Yeghegis - Gladzor – Church of Spitakavor - Fortress of Proshaberd - Vernashen - Yeghegnadzor(20 km hike, 7-8 hrs walk)The second day will begin from Yeghegis from where we will be transferred to Vernashen, where the museum dedicated to the Armenian medieval university of Gladzor is located. The hike will begin from this point towards the Spitakavor church hidden in the mountains. The way will be through a deep and majestic valley. After the stop at the monastery of Spitakavor, we will continue the hike towards the old fortress of Proshaberd. We will move this time around the surrounding mountains and passes, where we will set up our tent not far from the village of Vernashen.Day 3 Yeghegnadzor- Harjis - Tatev Monastery - Tatev Hermitage (Anapat) - Devil's Bridge - Goris(Hiking 19 km, 7-8 hours of walking)We will leave very early to be transferred to the village of Harjis located in the province of Syunik, where we will begin our hike through the Vorotan Canyon to progressively reach the Tatev Monastery. After arriving at this jewel of the Armenian medieval history and true cultural, religious and political center, we will descend towards the hermitage of Tatev Anapat and then continue to the bridge of Satan (where the bravest ones can descend to admire the natural pools of hot water). We will be transferred to Goris where we will spend the night in tents.Day 4 Goris - Lasti Khut - Site of Karahunj - Noratus (4 km hike, 2 hours walk)This day will begin with the discovery of old Goris and its troglodyte surroundings, which will take us back to time, to the immemorial time of the countries. After these visits, we will leave Goris to head north towards the Sevan Lake area. On the way we will unveil Karahunj Observatory and the Caranvanserai Selim. We will end our day with a visit to the Armenian medieval cemetery Noraduz, the largest cemetery of Khachkars (cross-stone) of the Republic of Armenia today. Tent in the area.Day 5 Noratus – Drakhtik - Mountain Range of Areguni - Kalavan - Gosh(Hiking 18 km, 7-8 hours)Early in the morning, we will be transferred to the village of Drakhtik on the opposite shore of Lake Sevan. We will stop at the Sevanavank Monastery overlooking Lake Sevan from its peninsula and then start our trek to the village of Drakhtik ("little paradise" in Armenian), between Lake Sevan and the mountains of Areguni. The walking will continue to the village of Kalavan, with a different forest vegetation. We will be taken to the village of Gosh, and spend the night near Goshavank Monastery.Day 6 Parz Lake - Goshavank monastery - Gosh Lake - Akhtala monastery - Haghpat (World Heritage Site of UNESCO) (Randonnée de 10kms, 4-5heures)(Hiking 10km, 4-5hours)This day will be in the national park of Dilijan Dilijan where you will admire two lakes in the forest such as Lake Parz and Lake Gosh and the beautiful monastery Goshavank on our route. Later in the day, we will be driven to Akhtala where there is a beautiful monastery, formerly fortress. We spend our night in specially equipped tents in Haghpat.Day 7 Haghpat – Sanahin – Odzun(Hiking 9kms, 4-5 hours)This last day will be devoted to the region of Lori and its main jewels, our hike will begin between deep valleys and lush green plateaus to the monastery of Haghpat and will end at the monastery of Sanahin, both classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO . On the way you can admire the fortress of Kayanaberd. The day will end with a transfer to the village of Odzun, where you can admire its imposing monastery.
Hiking and camping in Armenia

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