Exploring Armavir

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General Info
Tour Date 14/09/2018 - 14/09/2018
Starting time 10:30
Duration 10 hours
Price 14000 tour.amd
Directions Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin, Museum of Mher Abeghian, Museum Of The Battle Of Musaler And Ethnography Of Armenians, Zvartnots Cathedral
What’s Included

Transportation service

Breakfast and lunch at the hotel

Guide service

It's a trip to the province of Armavir which lasts 10 hours. During this 10 hours, tourists will get acquainted with some spiritual and cultural centers of Armenia. The price for each person is 14000 AMD. The price also includes transportation with air conditioning and a luggage rack.

We're gonna spend an unforgettable day in the province of Armavir. When speaking about the province of Armavir the first that comes to our minds is Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin. The Etchmiadzin Cathedral is the spiritual center of the Armenians and the administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The subsequent construction of Etchmiadzin Cathedral at Vagharshapat can be attributed to the life and work of Saint Gregory the Illuminator. The tourists will be told and seen a whole lot of things in here. Next tourists will visit the Museum of Mher Abeghian. The Museum was based on paintings and graphic works dedicated to the native city by the artist. The artist carried out productive pedagogical activity. Mher Abeghian created in all genres, including landscape, portraiture and etc. Epic spirit and bright saturation of light colors were peculiar to his artworks. From the ancient Middle Ages Armenians lived at the bottom of Musa Dagh(Mount Musa). People living in this village were famous for their courage. In 1915 they proved it once more. In 1915, in accordance to the Turkish plan of cleaning historical Armenia from its true owners, announcements occurred in 6 villages claiming Armenians to be ready for ''deportation'' within 8 days. This improper approach would be tolerated by many, but not in villages in Musa Dagh. 4300 people preferred to climb the mountain and organize self-defense. Museum Of The Battle Of Musaler And Ethnography Of Armenians was built on the hill in memory of the Musaler self-defense battles. Zvartnots, a complex of structures erected in the middle of the 7th century is of extreme architectural value. The decoration of Zvartnots temple followed the principle common in the Armenian architecture of the 5th-7th centuries, of bringing out basic architectural details: columns, door and window openings. 

The rich and extraordinary interior decoration of the temple is evidenced, apart from the reliefs, by the pieces of vari-colored smalt and tufa mosaic ornaments and fragments of murals which survived on remnants of plaster. These were found during the excavations of the altar part.

Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin-Museum of Mher Abeghian-Museum Of The Battle Of Musaler And Ethnography Of Armenians-Zvartnots Cathedral


Mikoyan 13, Yerevan, RA




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